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Our Story:

Real stories for real children.

My Own Story is the premier provider of customized children's storybooks set within the context of your child's actual life experiences. My Own Story not only makes your child the star of his or her own story, but also serves as a valuable tool for helping children and their families discuss a wide range of subjects. Our stories were prepared under the careful guidance of educators, doctors and child development specialists. You are given the tools to build customized stories which help children better adapt to change and life events. We provide a supportive narrative which you can customize in a matter of minutes.
Our Collection of Stories covers subject matter that is significant to children and their families, such as having a new baby in the family, the first day of school, going to the dentist, moving to a new city and many more. Once you customize these stories, you can save them, print them and enjoy them for years to come.
Here's how it works:
  1. Go to the Collection of Stories page and pick a story.
  2. 2. Fill in the specifics to personalize the story for your child. This should only take a few minutes.
  3. You will receive your customized story which you can print out for immediate use. Your completed storybook will also be saved in your private and password protected Story Archive, and will be available for you to view at any time.


Our Mission:

To provide a creative and innovative way for parents to explain new events to their children My Own Story was founded by a mother of three who wanted to create a website that truly has the interests of parents and caregivers at heart. She wanted to ensure that it was easy to use, convenient and affordable. Knowing that parents and caregivers don't want to wait weeks for customized stories to be bound and shipped, she created a unique format that allows you to customize stories and print them for immediate use. Your customized stories can also be viewed at any time in your private and password protected Story Archive. This essential feature of our website has the added bonus of allowing us to be eco-friendly.
My Own Story was built by and created for parents. The purpose of this website is threefold:
  • To help parents explain or introduce new situations to their children
  • To help children understand these new situations
  • To help children feel comfortable about speaking to their peers about specific issues with knowledge and confidence.
We often underestimate the likelihood of children having to answer for events in their lives. At My Own Story , we provide them with the tools which help them do just that.

Our Creative Team

Atoosa Hay Nehorai

Atoosa is a mother of three who founded My Own Story upon discovering the indispensable value of customized books for parents who needed a tool to explain life events and changes to their young children. With her years of experience in communication, editing, and entertainment, Atoosa decided that she would create a unique and innovative website that allows parents to customized storybooks, with their children as the main characters.

Colette Freedman

A published author and internationally produced playwright, Colette has a Master's Degree in Education. She has the ability to speak through a child's voice while capturing the depth of his or her thoughts, feelings and experiences. For more information about Colette, please go to www.curtainrise.com.
Special thanks to child development specialist, maternity educator and registered nurse Tandy Parks MPH, RN for consulting on these stories and for her invaluable expertise.

Martha Benari

Martha is a professional illustrator, whose unique aesthetic easily captures a wide range of emotions, and whose drawings speak to children and adults alike. Martha has a background in graphic design focusing on fashion and art and has branched out into children's book projects as well. She is currently working as Creative Director at Spiegel Design Group.
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